7th May 2016

This landscape, that changes every 15 minutes, is at times unbelievable. We have driven through endless black deserts, moss fields, rock mountains and now endless, and I mean endless, snow plains on top of a mountain. It's almost too much to take in. At times everything was white except for the black road snaking forever in front of us, snow hitting the windshield. I feel like I may never see anything like it again. 


Even the sunset now is incredible, turning the snow on mountains pink as they tower behind our tiny Ikea box house. Tomorrow we will see the volcanic pools and steaming ground as if we just stepped into yet another planet. This trip has been so amazing, so shocking, so completely and utterly worth every penny and I can't even describe some of the views, architecture and even sounds. The sound of small icebergs cracking and tumbling together in the surf of a black, volcanic beach. It's like science fiction.